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We loved our experience there and will return for the great food

We loved our experience there and will return for the great food, lovely ambience but most of all for the opportunity to once again be served by differently abled staff who delivered outstanding service in sign language. Kudos to the owners, we need more such places in this world.


Deepika Nookala

Amazing ambience

This is a new and one of a kind restaurent in Pune where their motto is "Socially Conscious Dining ". This place has provided a dignified platform to the specially-abled people and once you enter , right from welcoming to taking orders to serving


Manisha Nimgaonkar

Location of restaurant is convenient

Ambiance is good . Peaceful I mean not noisy like many other restaurants. Arrangements are comfortable. Food is great , delicious. It is run for a noble cause . For the benefit of differently abled people.


Arun Bhole

Wonderful restaurant

Wonderful restaurant. Always wanted to go there but the opportunity was presented today. Excellent food and drinks. The staff was courteous and the manner in which the special staff have been trained is exceptional. Would love to go there again. Keep up the good work.


Ajay Deshpande

it was an awesome experience

Me & My wife had visited Terrasinne was an awesome experience...The place has a Positive Vibes...Grace and Peace.. The food was so much Tasty....starters were just yummy....i think every person must visit once..i am sure you will just repeat it again...The best part is The owner of the Restaurant Dr. Sonam is so caring for their staff as well as Customers and looks into every small things



The food was delicious and great

The food was delicious and great. Great ambience. Staffs were very friendly. The food was so delicious that we forgot to take pictures of it... but trust me, once you are there in FC road, they must visit this place. We had Chicken dole shole which was mind blowing in its taste and roasted chicken was yumm!!! Pet friendly cafe... loved it.. will surely visit again!! :)


Ishiva Shreya

Terrasinne was a special experience

Terrasinne was a special experience. This is a unique place where all its employees are specially abled. In order to place the order you have to understand signs for each food item and place our order in sign language. The place makes you think about the things that we take for granted The food was great, decor was nice and warm. Service was exceptional.


Chaitanya Padhye

The Lunch we had there was very good

The Lunch we had there was very good. It was one of our girlfriend's birthday and the staff immediately converted our table to an impromptu birthday table. The service was excellent and the ambience just perfect for our girl gang.


Anjali Vaidya

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